• Reduced cell dimension
  • Inside and outside engraving , cutting or welding
  • Suction and dust collection/filtering
  • Illumination by LED’s
  • All kinds of pieces are possible to handle
  • Possibility of a charging unit for automatic charging of pieces
  • Staubli Robot / Yaskawa Robot / Fanuc Robot
  • PC control of programmed parameters
  • Loading/unloading center can be integrated in multiple cells

Placing of a piece inside laser to do the engraving, cutting or welding

Vertical loading and unloading device for product pallets.
The standard device can keep upto 10 pallets, having 60 positions each.
Each pallet can be coded to launch a specific program.

Automatic door with anti laser glass (class 1)
Next to this it is possible to do in the same or in the next cell polishing of the engraved part.