Engineering office
  • CAD design for the full project (Solidworks)
  • Analysis and execution of the workcycle
  • CAM execution of the plans
  • Electric, pneumatic and hydrolic schemas (Eplan)
  • Control software (pc environment)
  • PLC programmation (Beckhoff)
  • Robot programmation (Stäubli, ABB)
  • Vision programmation
  • CNC turning and milling of parts
  • Montage wiring in our workplace
  • Functional test of installation in our workplace
  • Delivery and commissioning
  • Training operators

Next to our standard range of machines our team offers since many years custom solutions to various sectors.
We are specialized in treating, manipulating and redact small parts,
this is a range from 0.6mm up to 20cm.

Whatever you are looking for and whatever sector your company is active in, we can certainly help you.
We have the engineers and technicians for your machinebuild- or automationproject to be fully build in our workplace.

  • Integrating and automating of laser marking, laser cutting and laser welding.
  • Miniature galvanicline with manipulator
  • Robot configuration: polishing, deburring, handling, sorting,...
  • Vision applications:shape recognition, surface control, dimensional,...
  • 3,4,5 or 6 axes manipulation

Every custom project is being fully taken care of inside our company
We have quality people who will work out the project as one team.