Dear client,
Next to the products we offer we provide the ability to advertise on our website.
our website is frequently visited : There is a big chance you'll find a buyer for your secondhand material.
You don't need to deposit your offered products with us, You negotiate yourself with potential buyers.
The price for the advertisement varies according to the price of the offered product.
The payment happens before the the ad is put online and it stays on for 6 months

Price of the product Price advertisement - 6 Months
€ 0 - € 250 € 25
€ 250 - € 500 €50
€ 500 - € 1000 € 75
€ 1000 - € 2500 €150
>€2500 150

Price excluding 21% VAT

Do you have something for sale then we need the following information :

Personal information Information product offered
Name Type product or object
Full adresse Technical description
potentially VAT number Date of purchase
Phone Price
>E-mail adresse Image or photo in .jpg, .png of .bmp format

You mail this to: email
You receive an invoice and you complete the payment, we place the advertisement on our website.

We are convinced that through this way a lot of unused tools and machines will be recycled and reused!!